Cold Case Genetic Genealogy. Does your agency have an unsolved case that has DNA evidence? The Gene Hunter solves the cases, that have haunted detectives for decades. 

In 2021, Tina LewAllen a law enforcement officer with 26 years experience reached out to “The Gene Hunter”, Shera LaPoint for assistance with a cold case homicide. Together they identified a suspect in a 26 year cold case using Genetic Genealogy. In 1995 Mary Catherine Edwards was sexually assaulted and murdered. In 2021 Clayton Foreman was charged with this crime.

LaPoint also partnered with League City, Texas PD. She assisted in identifying one of the  victims, Janet Prudhomme in the infamous “killing fields” in League City, Tx. 

LaPoint has  identified over 100 biological birth parents. 

Lewallen continued her education in this area and has identified birth parents for adoptees as well.
LaPoint and Lewallen realized this unique partnership could solve even the most difficult cases. They produce solid leads to Detectives.
With LaPoint’s 6 years experience at Genetic Genealogy and Lewallen’s 26 years experience in law enforcement, they bring a unique professional skill set. 

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