Genealogical Ghost Hunt: Princess Blue

A very interesting case that I’m working is an unidentified body that is known as Princess Blue. She was found in 1990 on the side of a road. A gentleman stopped to relieve himself, and found the bones of this young woman on the side of the road near Manvel, Texas.
She was found wearing rings. One of the rings that she had on was a 1975 Robert E. Lee High School graduation ring with a blue stone from Houston, Texas.
You would think that it would be easy to identify where that ring came from. To this day, she has not been identified. The company that made the ring is no longer in business. They have contacted everyone that they could possibly get in contact with, I think out of 300, who would have had a graduation ring like that from 1975. They don’t know if the ring was her mother’s. They don’t know if the ring may have been stolen, but she is named Princess Blue because of that.
One amazing fact that I learned when I tried to find out more information about Princess Blue is she’s actually believed to be a ghost. There are stories about her where someone has picked up a hitchhiker on the side of the road. She got in the car with them.
They spoke to her and a few minutes later, she was gone. I’m very intrigued with this story and very interested to be able to work with the DNA on this case and hopefully be able to put a name to Princess Blue, and find out what her story is. Why did she have that ring? Why was she there at that time? And if she is a ghost, what’s been haunting her? It’s a truly fascinating story.

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One of the quotes that I’ve used since I started giving talks at the library is by Mr. Bennett Greenspan with Family Tree DNA, and he says “If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question.” Amazingly, that’s about the most true statement I think I’ve ever heard when it comes to DNA.