Investigative Genetic Genealogy

One of the most fascinating things to me that have happened in the last few years is the use of DNA in what’s called Investigative Genetic Genealogy. It is now possible and it is being used to solve major crimes. And one of the amazing stats that I came across was the fact that there are over a hundred thousand counted, untested rape kids in the country. Louisiana has 1,137 untested rape kids right now in the shelves. That’s not counting all of the rape kids that have been tested, but no answer has been found as to who committed these crimes.
So, through genetic genealogy, it’s very possible that many of these crimes can be solved and/or being solved. It’s pretty amazing to me that, from a criminal state of mind, they have to be thinking when they’re seeing all these in the news that they’re going to get caught. DNA doesn’t lie, and the fact that this can change the way we live, maybe people will be safer. I think it’s an amazing fact, and I honestly, with all my heart, believe that we need to do whatever we can to make sure that these tools are able to be used in the future by law enforcement, and continue to push the fact that it is important for you to opt into law enforcement use on GEDmatch and family tree DNA so that we can live in a safer world.

Solving Crime Through Genealogy

The DNA that is in the systems that police used is a system called CODIS, the Combined DNA Index System. Now, there’s actually three levels for that. There is a local state and national level. So, if someone is arrested and depending on what state they’re in, their DNA is tested.

The Gene Hunter Coming 2020!

Republic Books is proud to announce the upcoming release of the Gene Hunter by Shera LaPoint, a native of South Louisiana with deep Cajun roots. Shera turned to the website to learn more about her family tree after the death of her grandfather, and discovered a life-changing new passion. 

Genealogical Ghost Hunt: Princess Blue

As I started in the financial services industry in 1993 and during all aspects of financial planning; retirement planning, disability, long-term planning for death, disability, and retirement, really were the 3 topics that we covered. We started evolving into taxes